OSPAAAL - Panama

OSPAAAL - Panama


Poster art of the Agitprop.  Original

Condition: very good
Medium: offset
Size: 35 X 57cms.

OSPAAAL (Organization in Solidarity with the People of Africa, Asia and Latin America), founded in Havana in 1966, disseminated political propaganda in the third world by means of the magazine ‘Tricontinental’ (1967). At its peak its circulation was 30,000 copies, produced in 4 different languages and mailed to 87 countries. Included in most issues were folded-up solidarity posters, thus establishing the most effective international poster distribution system in the world. Most of these posters are now gone. Many were recycled by Cuba during their ‘special period’ when soviets retired economic aid and paper was scarce. It lent an authentic voice to the armed liberation movements.


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